Thursday, August 11, 2016

Update on Mom

After being found unresponsive Saturday morning, mom spent three days in the ICU. Her fever was incredibly hard to manage--we tried cooling blankets, ice packs and medicine and we struggled to keep it under 103. She stayed sedated most of her time in there because when she was stimulated, she would wake up, say she needed to go pee and then try to jump out of bed.
Looking back, I'm glad she was sedated because she was so cold, due to us trying to lower her temperature, that I know she would have been so miserable.
She was moved to her own room Monday evening, which meant that the nurses would start getting her up to walk, having her visit with the respiratory therapist/speech therapist/ENT doctors/and anyone else that needed to make their round to her room.
Right now, they are saying that she will go home tomorrow. She got a PIC line inserted yesterday because she will be on IV antibiotic for two weeks when she leaves the hospital. He has lost hearing in both ears and right now, it's pretty severe. The audiologist wants to see her again after the antibiotic is completed so he knows that all the infection and swelling is gone.

We're so thankful that she's feeling better and so much better! I posted all of her updates on Facebook and was surprised at the overwhelming amount of support and prayers that everyone sent her way during some of the scariest moments.
God is good all the time and all the time, God is good.

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