Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Cowboy Up

This past weekend was our last rodeo of the season at JK Arena. Amelia and Barrett decided that they wanted to ride in the pee-wee barrel race. LouLou was their pony that they rode so they practiced and rode her around before their race started. Jarrett was so great! He lead them around so they got comfortable before the actual race started.
This was the first rodeo that Jason got to attend so it was so much fun watching them show him all the things about the races.
Race time and the kids were so excited and ready to race!  John lead them through the barrels but I have a feeling it won't be long and they will be doing it by themselves.
I'm so amazed at how well they did--Amelia was even kicking her at the end to speed her up. LOVE that we are so close to our family and friends. I love these relationships and making memories with them!

Monday, September 26, 2016

Orange Beach, Alabama: Part Three

By Wednesday, the kids were needing a break from the sunshine so we changed things up a bit. We went to play putt-putt golf, went shopping for souvenirs and just tried to enjoy the area without being at the beach.
We went to a fun restaurant for dinner, LuLu's. It's owned by the sister of Jimmy Buffett and it was such a fun atmosphere. They had a huge play area for the kids while we ate dinner, waited for a table and then again, once we finished.
I love this picture of Barrett enjoying his evening dessert. He looks so big!
Our final, full day on the beach was surreal. We really tried to soak it all in, we watched a sunrise and then really focused in on our family.
Our last meal was at Cobalt. Oh goodness. I wish we would have come here earlier in the week because we would have definitely came back! It was so good!
They had a fish tank, right when we walked in, and the kids loved to see the big fish at their eye-level.
We seriously couldn't have asked for a better week. It was so nice to not have work and to just enjoy the moments. So many memories were made and I'm so thankful that we got to experience and make them together!

Orange Beach, Alabama: Part 2

The kids LOVED the beach. Barrett loved the ocean--he could have jumped in the waves
Amelia loved playing and writing in the sand--she is all about learning her letters right now. 
 Look how relaxed (and cute) he looks! I love that we get some time away, now that training is over.
 We found a shark tooth while we were looking for shells
 Notice the flags? These two colors were up all week. Medium hazard (yellow) and Dangerous Marine Life (purple). 
We had jellyfish like crazy our first day but I'm not sure why it was up the rest of the week-they jellyfish moved out after the first day. We did have a lot of marine life--dolphins, crabs, sting rays

Orange Beach, Alabama

We left bright and early on Sunday morning (3:30am) and headed south to Alabama. The kids really dislike the car, mainly Amelia, but we knew we needed to leave when they could sleep a lot of the first leg. 
They did amazing on the drive. We stopped once for breakfast and a potty break and then once for gas, a snack and another potty break. That's it...can you believe it? 
We arrived at our condo a little before 2pm. We immediately went grocery shopping so we could make some lunch and then we headed back and headed down to the beach/pool. 

We went to the Shrimp Basket for dinner. Barrett was so hungry before we got there but the second we sat down, he was asleep. 
Our next day we bounced around from the beach, to the pool, to nap in our room and then back to the beach and the pool again.