Thursday, September 15, 2016

Fair Festivities

The fair rolled in to our little town last weekend and we knew that we wanted to go on our first free evening. Have I mentioned that soccer and gymnastics takes up most of our time?!
We discovered that our schedule was empty on Wednesday so we met some friends at the fair for some fun!
The kids loved riding all the rides--Barrett was so brave this year!
Hands in the air...woah! His big sister was such a good sport. She kept encouraging him to lift his hands and to get on some of the bigger rides.
We finished off the night with a funnel cake and dippin' dots. We spent about three hours at the fair--we even got to listen to the band, Old Dominion, that was on the stage that evening. We loved walking through all the vendors, animals and seeing all the rides lit up!
The fair is always such a fun atmosphere!

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