Monday, September 5, 2016

Labor Day Weekend

Jason was on call Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday so we knew we needed to stay busy and entertained or we would be having daddy withdrawals.
Friday afternoon, we headed to our town's museum. They just opened the top floor and it was full of fun new adventures.
We headed to the house when we finished because Jason's Uncle Ted was delivering us three chickens and two ducks for our chicken coop. So much for giving it away..HA!
Saturday morning I was up bright and early. It was so refreshing to look over the bean field behind our house, have a fall scent in the wax burner and to have fall decorations.
When the kids woke up, we headed to the park. The weather felt like fall and we wanted to take full advantage. We took our bikes and the pups so we could make the most of our morning.
When we walked around the pond, we saw a duck that looked just like Quacky (our duck that went missing). We decided that he flew to the pond to live with his friends...the kids were ecstatic that they got to see Quacky again.
Saturday after was Vulture Appreciation Day at our location conservation center. Amelia loves vultures so we knew we wanted to go and learn about the birds, do a craft and see a live one. The center had a few tables of information but they didn't do as much as I would have liked. Amelia got to learn quite a few fun facts and she made two crafts.
We left the conservation center and headed out to the farm. They were having a rodeo that evening and we knew we wanted to go!
The kids love to be at the arena, they love to play with their friends and they LOVE to eat all the food at the concession stand.
We made it home covered in dirt and was such a fun and busy day!
Sunday morning, Amelia woke up with a fever. She wasn't complaining on anything hurting but we missed church and stayed up on all the medicine until she felt like eating some popsicles and getting up off the couch.
Monday morning we headed out to the farm and to the creek. The kids beg to go to the creek (and the farm) daily so we knew that is how we wanted to spend our holiday.
We scheduled dinner with  a friend and her two boys (her husband was also working) by the river so we wanted to get out to the farm so we had plenty of time before we had to leave for dinner.
We headed back home around 2pm and when we were about 5 miles away from home, I heard a odd noise. I pulled over, checked our tires and saw that we had one flat tire.
The kids were sleeping (thank the Lord) and I unloaded the back, pulled out all the stuff to change and tire and then panicked when I couldn't find where to put the jack.
Thank goodness, a highway patrol and a very nice family pulled over to help me.
We finished off the day with a rain storm and a beautiful rainbow.
I loved having an extra long weekend but we missed Jason so much! I'm looking forward to tomorrow when he will have the day off to catch up on his sleep.

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