Thursday, September 1, 2016

Missing Chicken: Update

So, a week or so ago, we had a white chicken that went missing. We thought that maybe she had a nest in the field behind our house and just didn't want to leave them to come to the coop at night. Well, we don't think that was necessarily the case!
Our duck went missing last weekend--this was a hard one to come to grips with.
The last four (two roosters and two hens) went missing on Monday.
We're all pretty sad that our chickens (and our duck) haven't come back home. We crow and yell for them each evening. I'm sure our neighbors love us! HA
We aren't sure what happened to them but we're hoping that they just found a cooler coop at one of our neighbor's houses.
Our coop will be leaving the Conway premises this weekend and then we'll have to work on leveling it and seeding new grass on it this fall.
I'm glad that we tried to "farm" a little but I think that we can leave the "farming" to someone else.

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