Monday, September 26, 2016

Orange Beach, Alabama

We left bright and early on Sunday morning (3:30am) and headed south to Alabama. The kids really dislike the car, mainly Amelia, but we knew we needed to leave when they could sleep a lot of the first leg. 
They did amazing on the drive. We stopped once for breakfast and a potty break and then once for gas, a snack and another potty break. That's it...can you believe it? 
We arrived at our condo a little before 2pm. We immediately went grocery shopping so we could make some lunch and then we headed back and headed down to the beach/pool. 

We went to the Shrimp Basket for dinner. Barrett was so hungry before we got there but the second we sat down, he was asleep. 
Our next day we bounced around from the beach, to the pool, to nap in our room and then back to the beach and the pool again. 

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