Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween Camping Trip

Since our camping trip in August ended pretty quickly, then we made sure to reschedule another camping trip. We decided that we would do a Halloween weekend trip with our cousins. Jason was on call (boo!) but Nannie came along for some fun! We left Friday, after work, and the kids didn't waste anytime breaking out the headlamps and the walkie talkies.
We weekend was full of fun fall activities. The first thing on Saturday morning was the pumpkin painting. The kids really got into it.
We couldn't have asked for a better weekend. It was in the 80s everyday and my kids ran around in shorts. I love the idea of camping--playing outside, getting away from phones/tv and  watching the kids use their imagination to play.
All of the campers had their areas decorated. It was so neat to walk up and down the rows to see all the decorations.
We spent the rest of the day playing, making crafts, taking hayrides and getting ready for an evening of trick-or-treating.
Saturday evening, we changed into our costumes and headed around, camper to camper, to get some candy treats. The kids loved seeing all the decorations and all the other kids that were dressed up.
We finished out the night with full treat bags and a few trips through the haunted graveyard. We visited the graveyard earlier in the day so the kids could see it in the light. They were all so brave!
We left after breakfast and after we cleaned up the camper on Sunday morning. We were going to try and stay through lunch but the kids weren't behaving the best so we headed out a little earlier than we planned. We really enjoyed ourselves and I'm so thankful for time with our cousins.

Friday, October 28, 2016

What We've Been Up To

We've been pretty busy the past week and our schedule looks pretty crazy through the middle of November. Hence, the reason for another bullet point post. I've been taking a few pictures, here and there, but I haven't been doing a very good job of documenting for the blog. So sorry!
Here are a few things that we've been up to:
**Barrett napped with Bazzle the other day. He still needs and enjoys his naptime but some days he fights so hard. Today was one of those "fighting nap" days. He eventually gave these two boys!
**There is a street nearby that has some over-the-top Halloween decorations. The kids were a little unsure but they enjoyed driving down the street, especially because we were in a car with the doors locked HA!
**At the gym they are having a pumpkin contest. They were all so creative--I love passing by them when I go to my different classes. Which one would you vote for?
**The boys decided to enjoy some cuddle time while the kids were at school and I was working.
**Barrett got to go trick-or-treating with his school this week. They went to a nursing home and I heard it was such a great time! He dressed up as Catboy, a PJ Masks character, and I loved getting pictures of his experience.
**Gymnastics just started a new session. Originally both the kids were in class and then Barrett decided he didn't want to go to class, so just Amelia went, and now they are both back in class. I love watching their personalities shine when they are in class--they are both pretty amazing little gymnasts!
**Jason is on call this weekend and we are going on a Halloween camping adventure. We've been counting down the days and now it's finally here. So excited!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Date Night

Last night, we were invited to a dinner on the Mississippi River. The hospital where Jason works had an evening to welcome all the new physicians that started in the last year--we knew we didn't want to miss it.
How awesome is this back seating area?!
I took a few pictures of the food because it was so fancy and SO DELICIOUS!
We had such a fun, kid-free evening (thanks, Mom). It was nice to meet a few of the other wives and to enjoy a night out with my hubby.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Life Lately

It feels like the last week or two, we've been bouncing around from fun event/activity. Here is a little bit of what we've been up to.
*We've been crafting with our friends, at the farm, while our daddy's hunt.
*Halloween decorations are about to get put away and then Thanksgiving decorations come out in full force. Here is one that I need to buy a frame for!
*The kids had some Halloween pictures taken at the park the other afternoon. We we finished, Catboy decided he wanted to swing.
*Amelia's imaginative play has been really fun to watch. She has been playing Doc McStuffins lately--she's so cute when she makes her diagnoses.
*Last week at school was spirit week. Crazy day, dress up day and fall day. Amelia really enjoyed getting to participate. Here she is on crazy day!
*We had to run to the store after I picked up Amelia (and before I picked up Barrett). She LOVES to play cashier.
*We went to the zoo and to a super yummy ice cream place. The kids love the zoo and think that we need to go there weekly :)
*Saturday morning, we headed to the park to watch Ana run in Districts. Her team got first place and she placed 8th. We love, love watching her run!! 
*We had a fun evening at some new friends house. Barrett and Emory are in class together and they are so cute together. I'm so thankful that we have some good church friends for our family. It's good for our soul!
*Barrett fell asleep the other day in Jason's truck. So stinkin' cute. The hat is from the farm and it's too big, the ear is folded down and he's sound asleep. I love this little man!

Thursday, October 13, 2016


* Amelia was the "Star of the Week" this week so she got to make a poster which gave a ton of details about our little girl. She was so proud to make her poster. Here was the finished product.:
* She had picture day at school this week. We had a little photo shoot beforehand. Love her and her crazy little pose.
*I've been a crafting fool the past couple of weeks. We made 'boo' bags and took them to a few of our friend's houses. The kids LOVED sneaking up on the houses, decorating them and then running.
The homemade mummy sugar scrub was part of the bag. The crazy eyed letters were just something I saw and thought it would be easy and cute!
* The kids were being so sweet to each other the other evening. They both laid in the chair to watch their tablets. So stinkin' sweet!
*Jason has been out at the farm, helping out quite a bit, this fall. He sent me a picture of him in the tractor. Such a cutie!
*The kids take their Halloween pictures this weekend. I'm excited to see how sweet they are going to look!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Elephant Rocks

Yesterday, we went to Elephant Rocks. A few weeks ago a text was sent out try to get the family togetherWe tried to get all of the cousins together and we had a good turnout! The weather was so nice. I love the fall!
We tried to explain what Elephant Rocks was to the kids but I don't think they fully understood. Once we got there, they loved exploring and climbing on all the big rocks!
Here are most of the kids--we did the best that we could. HA!
We all had a great time and promised that we would continue having get togethers. I love seeing our family relationships grow!