Friday, October 7, 2016

A Day In The Life

6:30am: Barrett comes into our bedroom. He's ready to start the day. He lays in my spot, I get up to take care of the dogs and he turns on Netflix. The pups need medicine and food. Muzzy gets seizure medicine and Bazzle gets Benadryl (he's been eating on his paws)
6:45am: Jason's alarm goes off and I jump in the shower. Amelia comes into our room while I'm in the shower and when I get out, everyone is on the bed.
7:00am: Jason jumps in the shower and as soon as he gets out, the kids both jump in. While they are in the shower, I log on to my work to check my emails, straighten up the living room and put all the dirty clothes in the laundry room.
7:30am: Jason leaves for work.
7:35am: We leave for an early dentist appointment for the kids. Neither of the kids ate breakfast so I promised them a cheesy biscuit from McDonald's after their appointment.
8:00am: Dentist appointment. Both kids did amazing. They got a good report and they got to pick something special from the prize box.
8:45am: We left the the dentist office and right when we pulled out Barrett said that he needed to go potty. We had to pull over at the park and go to the bathroom.
9:00am: We stopped at McDonalds to get the kids a cheesy biscuit and then we headed to Lowe's.
9:30am: We found the storm/screen door that we wanted, I loaded (with the help of a nice man who was shopping) it on the cart, paid for it and then loaded it in the car. Phew! It was so heavy and it definitely didn't fit in the back of our car. Sidenote--we really need a truck!
9:45am: Arrived home, unloaded the door and got the kids situated so I could log back on to my work. (Barrett wanted the rest of his biscuit while he watched Beauty and the Beast ::Amelia wanted to do a craft and then play with her Barbies).
10:00am-11:45am: I worked and the kids played
11:45am: Started making lunch. The kids requested a Lunchable and a cup of jello-o. They are on a Lunchable kick right now.  I had butternut squash soup, some strawberries and a few pieces of melba toast.
1:00pm: Cleaned up the kitchen and tried to get the kids to rest. The weather was stunning so we skipped nap and went outside to play. I took my work computer so I could work and watch them.
3:00pm: I got a text from Dennis (my sister's dad) and he said he was on his way over. He was going to help us put up a screen door. We get a cross breeze so we needed a screen on our garage door so we can have a good stream of air blow through our house. I kept my work pulled up, just in case, but took a little break to help him. I LOVE the finished product!!
4:30pm: Jason called and was off of work! We decided to stay home and rest because our weekend was packed full of stuff.
5:30pm: We ate dinner--Fish, asparagus and some pineapple (I'm still holding on to my summer fruit)
6:30pm: We cleaned up the kitchen and headed outside to try and kill some moles, jump on the trampoline and to clean out the garage. No pictures--it wasn't that glamorous.
7:45pm: We came inside, took baths and then got ready for bed.
8:30pm: The kids were asleep and we watched Grown Ups 2

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