Wednesday, October 5, 2016

iPhone Dump

I have a few pictures that I wanted to get on the blog but I didn't have enough to make a post for each of them so, ya'll get an iPhone dump!!
I set a goal for myself, met the goal and rewarded myself with a fall manicure and I LOVE IT.
These two make my heart so happy. I love them!
One day after I picked Amelia (and her friend) up from school, we went hiking. His mom was running a little late and I always have an hour to kill before I have to pick up Barrett so we just took some time to go hiking. The kiddos loved it.
This little guy begs to go to the farm. He's in his happy place and he looks adorable in camo so we visit the farm frequently!
Halloween decorations came out this week and one of the favorite decorations is the melting witch. The kids love to keep building her up and then watching her melt.
Park fun--the weather is beautiful so we take full advantage anytime we can!
The sunrise the other morning, with the fog, was so calming and peaceful. I love sitting on the back deck, drinking my warm chai and starting my day with a clear head.
We skipped our nap on Sunday (we were at the flea market) so they crashed around 6:30pm for bed. Jason was hunting so I had an evening to do whatever I wanted, which consisted of laundry and Real Housewives. HA!
These three love each other! We went to a huge flea market (150 vendors) downtown this past weekend and they all needed some ice cream.

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