Monday, October 24, 2016

Life Lately

It feels like the last week or two, we've been bouncing around from fun event/activity. Here is a little bit of what we've been up to.
*We've been crafting with our friends, at the farm, while our daddy's hunt.
*Halloween decorations are about to get put away and then Thanksgiving decorations come out in full force. Here is one that I need to buy a frame for!
*The kids had some Halloween pictures taken at the park the other afternoon. We we finished, Catboy decided he wanted to swing.
*Amelia's imaginative play has been really fun to watch. She has been playing Doc McStuffins lately--she's so cute when she makes her diagnoses.
*Last week at school was spirit week. Crazy day, dress up day and fall day. Amelia really enjoyed getting to participate. Here she is on crazy day!
*We had to run to the store after I picked up Amelia (and before I picked up Barrett). She LOVES to play cashier.
*We went to the zoo and to a super yummy ice cream place. The kids love the zoo and think that we need to go there weekly :)
*Saturday morning, we headed to the park to watch Ana run in Districts. Her team got first place and she placed 8th. We love, love watching her run!! 
*We had a fun evening at some new friends house. Barrett and Emory are in class together and they are so cute together. I'm so thankful that we have some good church friends for our family. It's good for our soul!
*Barrett fell asleep the other day in Jason's truck. So stinkin' cute. The hat is from the farm and it's too big, the ear is folded down and he's sound asleep. I love this little man!

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