Thursday, October 13, 2016


* Amelia was the "Star of the Week" this week so she got to make a poster which gave a ton of details about our little girl. She was so proud to make her poster. Here was the finished product.:
* She had picture day at school this week. We had a little photo shoot beforehand. Love her and her crazy little pose.
*I've been a crafting fool the past couple of weeks. We made 'boo' bags and took them to a few of our friend's houses. The kids LOVED sneaking up on the houses, decorating them and then running.
The homemade mummy sugar scrub was part of the bag. The crazy eyed letters were just something I saw and thought it would be easy and cute!
* The kids were being so sweet to each other the other evening. They both laid in the chair to watch their tablets. So stinkin' sweet!
*Jason has been out at the farm, helping out quite a bit, this fall. He sent me a picture of him in the tractor. Such a cutie!
*The kids take their Halloween pictures this weekend. I'm excited to see how sweet they are going to look!

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