Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Halloween 2016

This year was our first Halloween in Missouri and our schedules were full with camping, trunk or treats, trick or treating, fall parties and pumpkin carving that I'm not sure how we managed to do it all.
We carved pumpkins in shorts this year (what is going on with this weather?!) but I will admit that it made the experience much more pleasant. We carved them outside on our deck and we let the kids pick their design. Amelia initially was going to make her own face but quickly changed her mind when she saw Barrett's design.
Amelia chose the witch cat and Barrett chose the monster. I love how they turned out!
Halloween started a little early for us. We had three things to go to and we wanted to be sure to enjoy each of them. Trunk-or-Treat, at our church, was our first stop. There were about twenty cars that were decorated, some had games for the kids to play and they all had tons of candy. I love that our community, especially our church, involves families and reaches out to others. So proud to be part of something so awesome!
We left the Trunk-or-Treat and heading to my sister's so we could go trick-or-treating with them. Brock made his costume this year--he was some video game character--and he was actually excited to walk around and get candy so we joined him. I didn't get any pictures because it was dark and I didn't think to get any before we left.
Our last stop for the night was to a house party. There is a couple in Jason's group that always has a big Halloween party. We weren't sure what to expect since this was our first year but it was great. They were so welcoming to us--tons of yummy food, great company and then they gave our kids way TOO much candy.
We left their house WAY after bedtime but it's Halloween, right?!  That's what it's all about.
We had such a great Halloween this year--so many great memories were made!

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