Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Meet Cooper Conway

Lets back up a month or so ago. I was mowing and I found a snake skin in the yard. Cue me panicking and pretty much refusing to get off the mower. I mentioned to Jason about getting an outdoor cat to keep the mice and snakes away. I'm sure our yard has a crazy amount of mice because it backs up to huge bean fields. He said "no" to the cat and I just kind of let it die.
Thanksgiving we were out on the farm and their barn is full of wild kittens. The conversation of an outdoor cat was brought up again and he didn't say "no"  but he didn't fully say "yes" either so I took that as an opportunity to protect our house.
Meet Cooper.
He's started out pretty wild and after four days, he won't leave the garage and he has decided that he loves to be carried around by the kids, constantly.

We have him in the garage for a bit so he gets used to us and doesn't run away. He's using a litter box (yay!) and he cries at the door for the kids to come out and play with him.
The other day I took the heater outside so they could be warm but still love on Cooper.
Cooper has decided he likes the garage--he doesn't like going outside--and the kids have slowly tamed their kitten. He loves to be carried around, burped like a baby and pretty much anything that resembles a soft rub on his belly.
Cooper Conway--we are so glad that you are our kitty! 

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