Thursday, November 17, 2016

Three Things

Here are three updates on each of the Conway family members. We're doing great, staying busy and trying to get (and stay) healthy.

1. It's hunting season folks! Need I say more?! He took off this week so he can live in the woods, sit in a tree and see an occasional squirrel. HA! He killed a deer during bow season but is hoping to get one in gun season.
2. He just celebrated his 33rd birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Unfortunately, I had strep throat and the kids were sick so it ended up just being another day, with some streamers hanging from the chandeliers. The kids want to have a birthday party for him so we'll do something special this upcoming week.
3. He loves being so close to his family, friends and the farm. I'm so glad that he is able to take some time and enjoy life, after years of a rough work schedule.

1. I hit up Hobby Lobby this week to find some Thanksgiving/fall decorations (they have a HUGE sale right now) and I grabbed a few things but quickly got distracted with the twinkling lights and Christmas trees. I couldn't help myself but I came home, packed up my fall decorations and started dragging out the Christmas decorations. We don't have much--after five moves, we've purged a log--but what we have makes the house feel some warm and welcoming!
2. We're planning a family day for a weekend in December to do a crafting day/cookie swap with all of the girl cousins, as well as the aunts.  Now that we are back in Missouri, I'm going to try and get all the family together a couple times a year. I'm excited to get everyone together...I'm excited to make a craft....I'm excited to get some yummy cookie recipes.
3. I've been finalizing some details for our ski trip in February. We go with our besties from medical school and we always have a great time. We're keeping an eye on the flights, hoping to get the best deal.
1. She is really into school, writing, organizing and I love to watch her knowledge and confidence grow. It's so crazy to think that she will be in school next fall--no doubt that sister will rock it!
2. She loves to get Christmas magazines in the mail. Last week was American Girl and Target and she has circled, and re-circled, the toys that she likes. The pages are getting pretty worn.
3. Soccer season is about to start back up. She wanted to sign back up--she really enjoys it--so we went with an indoor league this winter. She'll need some new gear but she's excited!
1. He loves his chickens and his ducks. Every morning, he runs to the chicken house to get the eggs. It's so cute to see him get so excited when he opens the coop.
2. He's such a popular little boy at school. When he walks in, all the kids yell his name, wave to him and he LOVES it. His teachers tell me how awesome he does with his friends, with direction and how much they enjoy him in class. I love to hear about his day when I pick him up in the afternoon.
3. Barrett is all boy. He's loud, fun, energetic and he's about the sweetest little guy. He's a mama's boy but he's all about running errands and cleaning the truck with Jason.

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