Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Weekend Recap

This weekend was so great! I mean...seriously, it was so much fun.
Since moving here, we joined our church, found a Sunday school LifeGroup to be a part of and we've started making some lasting relationships. This weekend we had two dinner with some of our new friends...it was busy but it was awesome!
Friday was the start to our fun weekend. My sister came down and spent the day just hanging out, Amelia had a birthday party (Happy Birthday, Easton!) and then we had dinner, at our house, with some friends.
Saturday morning Jason was going hunting so I made a 'I'll be looking to find stuff to do with the kids' comment and Whitney invited us to sit with her crew at the SEMO Homecoming parade.
Jason and myself both went to SEMO but I don't remember Homecoming being such a big deal. It was so awesome. Everyone was grilling, people were everywhere and it was such a fun atmosphere. The theme this year was super heroes...right up Barrett's alley!
Saturday, while we were at the parade, I got a text from my sister. She said that Ana's cross country team had just won the state championship. WON!  Seriously...I couldn't believe it. Such an amazing reward for all their hard work!!
Saturday afternoon we had another fun dinner with some friends from our LifeGroup class. We stayed up too late, ate too much food and finished the night exhausted. Perfect ending to our Saturday!
Sunday was church. On our way home, Amelia started telling us to look up, as we were about to pull into our driveway. I thought she saw a jet but she saw TWO bald eagles.
I have a feeling that when our first set of chickens went missing, these two beauties were the culprit. We ate a quick lunch and then packed the car for a trip to the farm. While we were eating, the farmers were cutting the bean field behind our house. WOO HOO! We loved watching the crop grow but we're glad to have it cut down so we can see any animals that enter the back field.
We spent our Sunday afternoon at the farm. Jason (and Amelia) went and set up deer stands for rifle season, which starts this coming weekend, and the rest of us played and enjoyed the fall day.
Hadlie and Barrett love each other. I love watching them interact...he tried to help her with her shoes so they could go play outside.
We had such a fun weekend! So thankful for all of our friends and all of the memories that they are helping us make!

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