Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Week/Weekend Recap

I feel like the blog has taken a bit of a backseat and that I just do recaps...so sorry. I promise to get back but right now, with the holidays, things are crazy !
Jason was on vacation all last week and we did a lot of relaxing (see below) and hunting! We love having him home so much!
I'm not sure if the super moon had anything to do with the sunsets but last week, the sunsets were amazing. So bright, the sun was so huge and so relaxing.
We had a fun day with Hadlie and Hudson. The kids love their buddies and they tend to fight over who can hold Hudson. Hudson is getting so big!
Jason took the kids hunting one day (maybe I should say for 30 minutes. HA). They all got dressed, bundled up and made sure to wear orange. They were so excited! I think they lasted as long as they had snacks but when they finished the last veggie straw, they were done.
They didn't see a deer but they did see a lot of tracks and rubs so they had such a great time!
We had a birthday party, Hello Kitty style, on Sunday. Keiley turned six and we loved helping her celebrate.
We also had two Thanksgiving feasts (two more to go) and we got a lot of Christmas shopping and wrapping done. Things have been so crazy but I'm so thankful we are home and around our family and friends!

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