Friday, December 30, 2016

Christmas Break Fun

We had a packed two weeks--the kids didn't have school so we had a lot of fun stuff.
Indoor soccer was on the schedule a few times during the break.
Our cousins, Sam and Chloe, came to spend a few days with us so they got to go to Amelia's soccer game and she was pumped!
Cooper got neutered and de-clawed. Yep...he's an indoor cat now.  We love our Cooper Kitty!
We went and jumped at the mall. The kids loved it! We jumped, grabbed a cookie and then walked the mall for a bit.
We celebrated Christmas at my dad's house. We had a game exchange, instead of presents, and the top game was Googly Eyes. They loved playing it!
We ate a LOT of yummy food! Who doesn't love
We went to the movies and saw Moana...such a fun movie!
Gymnastics was also on our schedule. Both kids are in class and they both had a great session.

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