Monday, December 19, 2016


Here is a bit of a recap. It's been busy--between the stomach flu and Christmas activities--we've been crazy. 
Thursday evening, my nephew, Brock, had his Christmas play. He had a few speaking parts and even got to play a few songs on the piano while people were finding their seats. I love being home so we can go to things like this.
Sprinkles, our elf, has been full of fun and adventure this past week. The kids love waking up to find him!
We had a birthday party to go to on Saturday. Brody turned THREE and we loved helping him celebrate. He looked so cute in his birthday crown.
We left Brody's birthday and headed to the farm. We were having homemade pizza for dinner and the kids wanted to help work the cows before we ate. How sweet are they with Jason?!
We left the farm and that night the stomach bug hit us...HARD. Thank goodness Jason didn't get it but the kids and myself were up most of the night. Hopefully we are on the upswing and we are getting better. There is nothing worse than having multiple people puking at the same time. Nothing!

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