Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Soccer, Sprinkles, Santa & So Much More!

Hey there!
Things have been so busy, so fun but SO busy!
Amelia started indoor soccer last week. The teams are boys and girls and they play at the college's volleyball court. There are no timeouts, no out-of-bounds and no subs. They play the whole team.
It's not really "soccer"...more like conditioning while kicking a ball but she loves it.
 She's on her friend, Charli's, team so she's in heaven!
Sprinkles is our elf. He came to visit the 1st of December and he's the highlight of our day. He gets himself into some pretty silly places.
It's been pretty cold here and the other day I found Bazzle like this....
I feel ya buddy!
Cooper had his first vet appointment. He got his vaccines and had a checkup--he has ear mites. We were sent home with medication (twice a day for 20 days...eeek)
Barrett looks a mess but I love how Cooper is just sitting there while Barrett is holding (dropping) him. We love our kitty!
My mom brought these boxes over the other day and the kids had so much fun playing Santa's train. I love how Amelia is in her romper and Barrett is in a Santa hat and he's using the dog's stockings as gloves. HA!
We had a craft/cookie day at our house last weekend. It was  ladies and kids from my mom's side--all her sisters, her mom and a few cousins came and we had such a great day. I hope we can keep this tradition alive next year. It's great to see people that we normally don't see!
We had our first Christmas this week--the Davault Christmas. We had a fun day of cooking, wrapping, music and then presents. Such a fun day...I'm so thankful for this family!

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