Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Barrett's First (Indoor) Soccer Game

On Sunday, Barrett had his first soccer game. Jason and his friend, Ryan, decided they would coach the little ones this year. Barrett was so excited to have a cheering section. We usually watch Amelia do most things so it was so sweet for him to get a little moment to shine. He was beaming and running around like a wild man. HA!
He got a few really good kicks on the ball and he got to play goalie for a bit of the game. He was all over the field and he didn't mention one time about taking a break. Forty-five minutes of soccer fun for our sweet Bear!

Monday, December 4, 2017

Random Fun

Amelia had baton practice a few days last week and then the finale was a presentation in the Christmas parade (this needs a separate post!)
We helped decorate the Christmas tree at the farm. The kids love the farm, love our family there and we can't wait for Christmas out there!
I'm making stockings for the kids. Amelia's is the first one because it looks the most intense but it's coming along and I'll be starting Barrett's stocking by the end of the week!
Allergy testing happened this week. Poor girl struggled but we were glad to have some results. She's allergic to cats, dogs, most grasses and about 10 different kinds of trees. We've had to take a new approach to cleaning the house and ensuring she takes her medicine daily.
The weather has been so nice. It's hard to believe that it's December so we've been visiting the park frequently because we know it's not going to be warm forever.  How big does Barrett look on the top of the Eagle's nest?!
 Amelia is still on the gymnastics team and she's really doing great. I was able to get a picture of her working on her arms last week--she made it halfway up the rope. Her face was so proud when she came down.
 Breakfast (pizza) in bed with my boys. Love these sweet faces!
The Christmas season is in full force around here. The weather has cooled down, we've had a few Christmas parties and we're loving our elf, Sprinkles!

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Christmas Parade--Amelia's Baton Performance

After three practices last week, the time had come to have her performance. They practiced the baton, pom poms and ribbons but the parade was only showing off her baton skills HA!
Lexi was also in the parade so we took her to the parade! Cousins!
I took a ton of pictures of my girl. She didn't really want me to walk with the group in the parade but I couldn't just sit on the sidelines. 
We led the parade so we were able to walk through the parade AND THEN turn around and watch the parade. Win-win! 
 We finished at the parade and we were in the Christmas spirit so we drove around and looked at all the Christmas lights. Definitely one of my favorite things to do!

Such a fun, Christmas-spirit filled evening. Love making memories with my crew (and Lexi).

Monday, November 20, 2017

Family Pictures

I'm in love with our family pictures that we did this year. We did a mini-session--the kids can only handle so much smiling and posing so we did a shorter session and we got some great pictures.
The above picture is the one that we chose to make our Christmas card picture and to get to hang on the walls. The other ones were more fun, interactive poses but this one captured us perfectly.
I'm in LOVE with my sweet family!

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Enjoying The Fall Before Winter Arrives

*Missouri weather is pretty crazy. One day it's 80 degrees and the next it's 40 degrees. We had one day, in the middle of some cold days, where it was sunny and perfect for a trip to the park. Levi's park is a new park that just opened and the kids LOVED it! The park has a zipline...amazing!
*The cooler days usually look like this...snuggled up with my Oscar (the pups are right beside me on a blanket)
*We had Thanksgiving at my grandparents house. My older brother flew in from New Mexico so we all got together so we could do dinner together.
*We've been Christmas shopping and I've been itching to take down the fall decorations and put up all the Christmas decorations. Twinkly lights are my love language!

Monday, November 13, 2017

Hunting With Daddy

Earlier in the summer, Jason and his brother built a large blind so they could take the kids hunting and it would hide most of their movement and any noise they make.
Barrett LOVED going. He took his toy gun so he could shoot his own deer, which was so sweet!
Barrett fell asleep about an hour into their hunting adventure and Jason sent me this sweet picture.
He woke up and there were about 6 does eating in the field. Jason asked Barrett if he wanted to shoot the deer, so Barrett lined up his gun (his toy gun) and pulled the trigger and the deer heard the noise and all ran. He was so proud and he still says all the time "I shot a deer with my dad"
These two look adorable in camo and orange. Love them and the sweet memories they make together.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Random Cuteness

* We went to the mall to look for some outfits for family pictures (taken in two weeks) and these two were full of fun!
*Amelia has been bringing home books that SHE CAN READ! Y' is this possible?!
*Christmas present in the making. I'm using my Cricut a lot this year for gifts...I love it!
*"Go to the Pink Park said the Turkey." She is working on sounding out words and this was too cute...I could see how she put letters together to get the sound in the different words.
*Amelia requested that we get out the manger and the train so she could play with it one morning. It's the 7th of November, there are still pumpkin decorations out and we're playing with Christmas toys. Never a dull moment in this house!
*The time change has been hard on the pups. They like to go back to sleep as soon as they wake up.
*Oscar is always looking out the back window for something--he's constantly begging to go out. Sorry, Sweet Oscar. You're an inside kitty!
*The holiday fun starts this coming weekend with Thanksgiving with my dad's side of the family, hunting season and then getting Christmas decorations out!

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Elephant Rocks: Annual Cousin Tradition

Last year we started a family tradition with all the cousins on my mom's side. We grew up together and we really want our little ones to grow up together. We are all close and we love getting together so an annual trip isn't too difficult.
Elephant Rocks is so beautiful this time of year and we always have a great time running around and exploring. We headed to Elephant Rocks yesterday and we had such a great time!
Love that we've made family a priority...they are pretty special in my book!