Monday, January 30, 2017


Barrett went to school on Thursday and then we celebrated another week ending by going to the bowling alley with some friends.
They loved it and I think we might make this a monthly outing!
The kids seemed fine and then by Friday, Amelia started getting snotty. She even napped, which rarely happens.
By the weekend, neither one of the kids were back to normal. We took a lot of steam showers, put together a lot of puzzles and took naps. I think we really needed a weekend at home to rest--I just hate that the kids were feeling very good.
We were on day three of antibiotics come Sunday so we were able to go to church, even though the kids were 100%. We went to lunch at my sister's house, got in the hot tub and spent the rest of the day with family. Such a relaxing weekend. One that we all needed for the upcoming week!

Friday, January 27, 2017

The Sickness Strikes

Barrett didn't go to school Tuesday or Wednesday because he couldn't seem to kick the cough and the fever.
We started him on antibiotics, breathing treatments and even gave him a dose of steroids. RSV is going around here right now so we wanted to make sure it didn't get out of control.
 We spent most of our days laying around but by Wednesday afternoon, he was feeling better. He decided to watch "How to Train Your Dragon" instead of nap but I couldn't resist getting a picture. This boy sure does love his Cooper Cat!
Wednesday evening, Jason was on call, so we headed to take him dinner. Since we were in our pjs, we didn't walk in, but Jason was still able to read a bedtime story to the kids. Amelia was left out of the picture because I accidentally rolled up her fingers in the window and she was soaking them in a leftover soda in the car (mom fail)
Barrett and Amelia were both in school on Thursday. PRAISE THE LORD!
Hoping that Amelia doesn't get it and we can stay healthy through the weekend!

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Bedtime Stories

If you've read this blog for any amount of time, you'll know that Jason works some odd hours and long days. It's just part of the profession--we see him SO much more now that we are out of training.

We took him dinner when he was on call. We went a little later than usual so we were all bathed and in our pajamas. Barrett was set on having Jason read him a bedtime story so he took it along and then cried when he found out we weren't planning on walking through the hospital, in our pajamas, to eat dinner with Jason. It was a 'drop off dinner at the front' kind of night.
Jason read to him in the car and it made this little boy so happy. He couldn't be around for the bedtime story so we brought the bedtime story to him.
I love this picture. The troll house shoes, the Star Wars pajamas, the book he picked out (he loves animals) and the grin on his face. It was the highlight of his night and I'm pretty sure Jason enjoyed it too.

Love these crazy boys of mine and I'm so thankful to have an amazing husband and father to our kids.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Our Weekend Plus Our Monday: Full Of Sports, Tea Parties and Snuggles

Our Saturday morning started off nice and early. We made the drive to a neighboring town to watch Jarrett play in a basketball game. The kids loved cheering for him!  We tried to dress in grey (his team color), hence Amelia's outfit. HA!
We headed from one basketball game to another. We were invited to the SEMO Basketball game (girls) and we had so much fun. The kids got to make the tunnel for the girls and coaches to run through, they ate more snacks than kids their age should and they danced their booties off for the dance cam (I hate that I didn't get a picture)
We were pretty wiped after a full day of being at basketball games. Neither one of them napped so they were ready to get home and relax. We stayed in and played games and watched movies the rest of the night. Our favorite family game right now is Googly Eyes. So much fun!
Sunday was church and then Amelia had a princess birthday party. Kate was turning six and she asked everyone to come as their favorite princess. Our favorite right now is Moana. She rocked it!
Our Monday was pretty non-eventful until the afternoon. I had to work and the kids pretty much played all day. Barrett napped and I went downstairs to watch Amelia do her gymnastics tricks on the bar. It was a pretty setup--I worked, drank hot tea and watched her grow her confidence on her bar.
Barrett woke up from his nap and he was feeling crummy. He had a horrible cough, a snotty nose and he just looked like he didn't feel good. He snuggled with Cooper before we had to start medicine.
We had such a fun weekend with our friends and I hate that our Monday ended with Barrett being sick. Hopefully he can kick the croup--fast!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

All About Cooper Conway

Since Cooper came into our family in November, he's been such a sweet addition. It took us (**cough cough Jason**) a bit to realize how sweet he is and how he has some weird habits.
As soon as the refrigerator opens, Cooper makes himself at home. He loves to lay in the bottom of the fridge and meow for food.
He has also taken a liking to drinking out of the toilet. Disgusting, I know. He usually goes to the kid's bathroom (the toilet is kid sized) and we just think it's so funny and so gross.
Barrett is obsessed with our Cooper Cat. He's always holding him, kissing on him and telling him how much he loves him. Cooper is so patient with Barrett...seriously, so patient.
Cooper're pretty sweet and we love having you in our family!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Right now, we are in the middle of January, and we are anticipating the next couple of months because we have some fun trips planned and because we are ready for spring. I went and looked at material to make a bench seat and I'm leaning towards one of these. Bright, colorful and able to hide stains easily :)
My sister, Ange, had foot surgery this last week so we've been taking over some warm meals and the kids wanted to make her a cookie cake. They decorated it themselves...if you look closely you can see Amelia's name on the bottom. She was pretty proud of her sweet creation.
Barrett started gymnastics a few weeks ago and last week he had to join in a bigger class because his teacher was running a little bit late. He was hesitant but he did it and I was so proud!!
We've been supporting our Indians as much as possible. Last week we went to a big rival game and the kids went down at halftime to dance. I was shocked when they went down there but my jaw hit the floor when they started dancing. My kids did not act shy...they acted so big and proud!
Googly Eyes is one of our favorite games right now. If you don't have it and you have little ones, get it! It's so much fun!
Selfies by the gymnastics bar are a must. I love how she makes the duck lips--not sure where she learned that.
Barrett loves Cooper and Cooper is so patient with Barrett. The other morning they were waking up slowly in the window seat. I had to get a picture of my two sweeties.
Our chickens are still laying eggs. We didn't know if they would continue through the winter but we've been taking them warm water everyday and they haven't slowed down a bit. We're getting about 3-4 chicken eggs a day and about 4-5 duck eggs each week.
Last week, Jason went down to close the coop and we had a opossum in our coop. Jason had to dispose of it so we had some crazy entertainment with our friends. Never thought that would be a highlight of a Saturday night. HA!

Monday, January 9, 2017

Fresh Start: Bring On 2017

We're already half way through the month of January.
Seriously, where does the time go?! 

We've been super busy.
The kids started back up in school--they were out for two weeks--on January 3rd. Barrett is now at Amelia's school so it makes drop off and pick ups so much smoother. He's transitioning okay, still crying a bit at drop off, but his teachers say that he's so awesome during the day. He says that he loves it when I pick him up but the very next morning, he's hesitant again.

The kids also started back up in gymnastics. Their new session started the same week as school and Barrett decided that he wanted to give it a try again. Emory, a little girl in his school class, is in his gymnastics class so he is enjoying himself a little more than previous.

We're planning Amelia's birthday party (excuse me while I go sob in the bathroom)! She's going to be FIVE and she's so excited because she is inviting some kids from her class, in addition to her family!
We're also planning our family vacation. We're going to Disney with our Ohio family in March and we are pumped. We just bought our flights and our dining plan. The last thing on the list is the park passes and to set up our fast passes. The kids are excited to see Jack and Wes again (their Ohio cousins) and we're excited to see Matt and Heather (their parents). It should be a great time.

Our weeks are full with school, gymnastics, groceries and other chores and our weekends are full of birthday parties, the farm and going out to dinner. This winter has been pretty mild so we've been able to be out and about more than we thought we would for January. We had some light snow last week but that's been it, no accumulation.