Thursday, January 26, 2017

Bedtime Stories

If you've read this blog for any amount of time, you'll know that Jason works some odd hours and long days. It's just part of the profession--we see him SO much more now that we are out of training.

We took him dinner when he was on call. We went a little later than usual so we were all bathed and in our pajamas. Barrett was set on having Jason read him a bedtime story so he took it along and then cried when he found out we weren't planning on walking through the hospital, in our pajamas, to eat dinner with Jason. It was a 'drop off dinner at the front' kind of night.
Jason read to him in the car and it made this little boy so happy. He couldn't be around for the bedtime story so we brought the bedtime story to him.
I love this picture. The troll house shoes, the Star Wars pajamas, the book he picked out (he loves animals) and the grin on his face. It was the highlight of his night and I'm pretty sure Jason enjoyed it too.

Love these crazy boys of mine and I'm so thankful to have an amazing husband and father to our kids.

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