Monday, January 9, 2017

Fresh Start: Bring On 2017

We're already half way through the month of January.
Seriously, where does the time go?! 

We've been super busy.
The kids started back up in school--they were out for two weeks--on January 3rd. Barrett is now at Amelia's school so it makes drop off and pick ups so much smoother. He's transitioning okay, still crying a bit at drop off, but his teachers say that he's so awesome during the day. He says that he loves it when I pick him up but the very next morning, he's hesitant again.

The kids also started back up in gymnastics. Their new session started the same week as school and Barrett decided that he wanted to give it a try again. Emory, a little girl in his school class, is in his gymnastics class so he is enjoying himself a little more than previous.

We're planning Amelia's birthday party (excuse me while I go sob in the bathroom)! She's going to be FIVE and she's so excited because she is inviting some kids from her class, in addition to her family!
We're also planning our family vacation. We're going to Disney with our Ohio family in March and we are pumped. We just bought our flights and our dining plan. The last thing on the list is the park passes and to set up our fast passes. The kids are excited to see Jack and Wes again (their Ohio cousins) and we're excited to see Matt and Heather (their parents). It should be a great time.

Our weeks are full with school, gymnastics, groceries and other chores and our weekends are full of birthday parties, the farm and going out to dinner. This winter has been pretty mild so we've been able to be out and about more than we thought we would for January. We had some light snow last week but that's been it, no accumulation.

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