Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Our Weekend Plus Our Monday: Full Of Sports, Tea Parties and Snuggles

Our Saturday morning started off nice and early. We made the drive to a neighboring town to watch Jarrett play in a basketball game. The kids loved cheering for him!  We tried to dress in grey (his team color), hence Amelia's outfit. HA!
We headed from one basketball game to another. We were invited to the SEMO Basketball game (girls) and we had so much fun. The kids got to make the tunnel for the girls and coaches to run through, they ate more snacks than kids their age should and they danced their booties off for the dance cam (I hate that I didn't get a picture)
We were pretty wiped after a full day of being at basketball games. Neither one of them napped so they were ready to get home and relax. We stayed in and played games and watched movies the rest of the night. Our favorite family game right now is Googly Eyes. So much fun!
Sunday was church and then Amelia had a princess birthday party. Kate was turning six and she asked everyone to come as their favorite princess. Our favorite right now is Moana. She rocked it!
Our Monday was pretty non-eventful until the afternoon. I had to work and the kids pretty much played all day. Barrett napped and I went downstairs to watch Amelia do her gymnastics tricks on the bar. It was a pretty setup--I worked, drank hot tea and watched her grow her confidence on her bar.
Barrett woke up from his nap and he was feeling crummy. He had a horrible cough, a snotty nose and he just looked like he didn't feel good. He snuggled with Cooper before we had to start medicine.
We had such a fun weekend with our friends and I hate that our Monday ended with Barrett being sick. Hopefully he can kick the croup--fast!

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