Monday, January 30, 2017


Barrett went to school on Thursday and then we celebrated another week ending by going to the bowling alley with some friends.
They loved it and I think we might make this a monthly outing!
The kids seemed fine and then by Friday, Amelia started getting snotty. She even napped, which rarely happens.
By the weekend, neither one of the kids were back to normal. We took a lot of steam showers, put together a lot of puzzles and took naps. I think we really needed a weekend at home to rest--I just hate that the kids were feeling very good.
We were on day three of antibiotics come Sunday so we were able to go to church, even though the kids were 100%. We went to lunch at my sister's house, got in the hot tub and spent the rest of the day with family. Such a relaxing weekend. One that we all needed for the upcoming week!

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