Friday, January 27, 2017

The Sickness Strikes

Barrett didn't go to school Tuesday or Wednesday because he couldn't seem to kick the cough and the fever.
We started him on antibiotics, breathing treatments and even gave him a dose of steroids. RSV is going around here right now so we wanted to make sure it didn't get out of control.
 We spent most of our days laying around but by Wednesday afternoon, he was feeling better. He decided to watch "How to Train Your Dragon" instead of nap but I couldn't resist getting a picture. This boy sure does love his Cooper Cat!
Wednesday evening, Jason was on call, so we headed to take him dinner. Since we were in our pjs, we didn't walk in, but Jason was still able to read a bedtime story to the kids. Amelia was left out of the picture because I accidentally rolled up her fingers in the window and she was soaking them in a leftover soda in the car (mom fail)
Barrett and Amelia were both in school on Thursday. PRAISE THE LORD!
Hoping that Amelia doesn't get it and we can stay healthy through the weekend!

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