Friday, February 24, 2017

Happy 5th Birthday!

Amelia's birthday was Thursday. Five years old. How in the world did she turn SO fast?! 
She had school, we had meetings and work and then she had gymnastics so it was sortof a crazy and hectic day.
She requested an ice cream cake and McDonalds for her birthday dinner.
She has been so much joy and light since the moment she was born. She loves to please everyone around her and she has the biggest heart. She loves gymnastics, soccer, crafting, her friends, church/school and she is a girl who thrives with a routine. She can usually be found in her leotard all day, everyday. 
Chocolate milk is her drink of choice, teal is her favorite color, brushing her hair is optional (in her eyes) but her earrings must be changed out daily.
She is so independent, so feisty, so loveable and we are so in love with our sweet five year old.
Happy Birthday, Amelia!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Amelia: Five Year Interview

What is your name? Amelia Jean Conway

How old are you? Five years old

What is your favorite color? Teal
What is your favorite animal? Vultures
What is your favorite book? iSpy books
What is your favorite show? Odd Squad

Who do you sleep with? Yaya and a blue blankie

What is your favorite toy? Baby dolls
What is your favorite breakfast food? Bagels and cream cheese
What is your favorite snack? Pizza lunchables

What is your favorite food? Pizza

What is your favorite thing to do with Daddy? He likes him to watch her do gymnastics

What is your favorite thing to do with Mommy? Draw pictures and do sidewalk chalk
What is your favorite thing to do with Bear?  Play dinosaurs
What is your favorite  Disney princess? Belle...and Ariel

Who is your best friend? Charli

What is your favorite song? The National Anthem
Where is your favorite place to go? Gymnastics

What is your favorite drink? Chia
What do you want to be when you grow up? Gymnastics Coach

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Park City, Utah

The time had come for us to go on our annual med-school friend trip. Last year was our first trip together and we had so much fun, we wanted to make it a yearly thing.
We were up bright and early (3am) and we were on one of the first flights of the day. We were pumped to be kid-free!!
We made it to our hotel around 10:30 am and we were on the mountain by lunchtime. We skied half a day on Saturday and full days on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.
The mountain was beautiful.
We had such a great time. It's always so nice to meet up with everyone. We can pick up right where we left off and I LOVE THAT. Such a fun and grounded crew that loves the mountains. We will have to see where next year takes us--we mentioned a backpack trip to Utah, the beach and the mountains!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Redhawks Gymnastics

Friday night was the second home meet for the Redhawks gymnastics team. We were taking an adult ski trip early on Saturday morning and we wanted to spend as much time with the kiddos before we left.
The kids (Barrett mostly) are doing so much better around Rowdy. No fear--only smiles.
We watched the meet, cheered our hearts out for McKenna (a girl that goes to our church) and then celebrated when we won the meet. After the meet, the kids get to go and play on the equipment and meet the team.
I think our kids loved running around like crazy.
Go Redhawks!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Getting Crafty And Creative

Amelia is really into American Girl (or the knock off version in our house) and she's been getting different room pieces over the last few months. The bed and the table were from Christmas and the kitchen was from her birthday.
Doll stuff has taken over our house and Amelia needed a house to put all of her things. Those dang houses are expensive--she will get one but we want to make sure that she is really going to play with it. You know?!
Well--we used to have these little cubbies in the kids closets for their folded clothes. We weren't using them for anything so I decided to pull out a few shelves and turn it into a makeshift dollhouse.
It isn't perfect--I want to add a few baskets on the bottom for her accessories and add some paint and some room decorations (windows, etc) but I think it will work in the meantime.
A free dollhouse isn't such a bad gig. HA!

Monday, February 13, 2017

Amelia's 5th Birthday Party

Now that we've made it to February, we are in Amelia's birth month!!
We had to have her birthday party a little early this month due to our schedule but I don't think she seemed to care.
One morning, she opened her birthday present from Aunt Ange and Uncle Chris. She was so excited--she got to open it before her party!
She got a kitchen for her American Girl doll (and eventually her house). She has played NONSTOP with the kitchen...NONSTOP.
On Saturday, we headed to the farm. It had been so long since we had been down there and Chrissy volunteered to help me make her cupcakes. We made cupcakes and then some cute fondant toppings to put on the cupcakes. Amelia decided on an Ariel birthday, so it was the perfect little touch.
Her party was at the pool on Sunday afternoon. The party was crazy because she had so many friends from school and so many family members that wanted to celebrate her turning five!
The party was a success and we left the party with a 4 year old and after some swimming and some cake, we left with a very proud and happy five year old (in her eyes).
Amelia Jean--Happiest of birthdays to you. You are the sweetest little girl we know and we are so thankful to be your parents!

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Life Lately

We had a day last week that was in the 70s. February?!  In the 70s. It was glorious. We spent about 2.5 hours at the park and it was perfect!
The sunset was pretty amazing too. I love getting little glimpses of God's beauty in the middle of the blah winter.
Jason was on call last week so the whole crew got to sleep in our room. Even Anabelle (Amelia's doll) got to sleep in our room.
Valentine's boxes were made. I bought some pre-cut designs and glued them on a box. So easy and so cute!!
Amelia is such an independent little girl. Her favorite meal right now is macaroni and cheese because she can make it from start to finish. My little one isn't so little anymore.
Jenga on a sunny day, even Cooper got in on the action.
On Friday, we were invited to a date night out. It was the perfect outing and we were able to laugh and be silly with each other. We won second place with 42 kisses in 60 seconds.
Our Friday night was spent working on our marriage--I'm so glad that we did something out of the box and that we really were able to learn and grow.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Cheering The Night Away

Remember the cheer camp from this weekend?
Well--last night was the performance and it was something Amelia was so excited for.
I think she put on her outfit at lunch and she kept asking what time it was because she knew when she needed to be there.
The girls had to get there a little early to practice. How sweet are these little friends?!
They both have the sweetest smiles and the softest hearts and I'm so thankful that they are friends!
At half-time of the JV basketball game, they brought out the girls and lined them up. Amelia was front row and she was nervous. She stood like this in between her cheers--super nervous but so stinkin' cute!
The cheers were adorable. Some were a little more advanced than others but she did so good.
Here are some action shots...
I'm seriously so proud of her. She's been doing things that are a little out of her comfort zone (the race, cheerleading) and she has loved the experience and leaves begging to do it again.
I know that the Indians WON because they had some adorable little cheerleaders!