Sunday, February 5, 2017

Cheer Camp And Cousin Fun

This weekend was packed with fun!
Saturday morning, Amelia had a cheer/dance camp. The camp was for the majority of the morning and she loved it. The high school cheerleaders taught them three cheers and one dance and then Monday night, they will get to perform at halftime of the basketball game.
We went a little early to pick her up and she was adorable--she was trying so hard and she looked so cute!
They all got matching shirts and thanks to our friend, she will have a matching bow at the performance.
We left straight from camp and headed to St. Louis. My cousin, Eric, has a little boy a little older than Amelia and the three of the kids play really well together. We met them at the City Museum for some fun before dinner and a pre-birthday celebration. They won't be able to come to Amelia's birthday party so we celebrated a little early.
This is the best cousin picture I could get. Barrett thinks Reid is hysterical and Amelia couldn't stop looking at his silly face to look at the camera. HA! It sums up these three pretty perfectly.
Tunnels, slides and tons of tiny spaces is what the museum is full of--the kids loved it and the parents struggled to keep up.
We ended Saturday with some yummy Italian, Anthonino's on the Hill, and some ice cream cake. We were all whipped when it came time for bed--so thankful that we have some fun memories with our Missouri friends and family!

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