Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Cheering The Night Away

Remember the cheer camp from this weekend?
Well--last night was the performance and it was something Amelia was so excited for.
I think she put on her outfit at lunch and she kept asking what time it was because she knew when she needed to be there.
The girls had to get there a little early to practice. How sweet are these little friends?!
They both have the sweetest smiles and the softest hearts and I'm so thankful that they are friends!
At half-time of the JV basketball game, they brought out the girls and lined them up. Amelia was front row and she was nervous. She stood like this in between her cheers--super nervous but so stinkin' cute!
The cheers were adorable. Some were a little more advanced than others but she did so good.
Here are some action shots...
I'm seriously so proud of her. She's been doing things that are a little out of her comfort zone (the race, cheerleading) and she has loved the experience and leaves begging to do it again.
I know that the Indians WON because they had some adorable little cheerleaders!

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