Thursday, February 16, 2017

Getting Crafty And Creative

Amelia is really into American Girl (or the knock off version in our house) and she's been getting different room pieces over the last few months. The bed and the table were from Christmas and the kitchen was from her birthday.
Doll stuff has taken over our house and Amelia needed a house to put all of her things. Those dang houses are expensive--she will get one but we want to make sure that she is really going to play with it. You know?!
Well--we used to have these little cubbies in the kids closets for their folded clothes. We weren't using them for anything so I decided to pull out a few shelves and turn it into a makeshift dollhouse.
It isn't perfect--I want to add a few baskets on the bottom for her accessories and add some paint and some room decorations (windows, etc) but I think it will work in the meantime.
A free dollhouse isn't such a bad gig. HA!

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