Friday, February 24, 2017

Happy 5th Birthday!

Amelia's birthday was Thursday. Five years old. How in the world did she turn SO fast?! 
She had school, we had meetings and work and then she had gymnastics so it was sortof a crazy and hectic day.
She requested an ice cream cake and McDonalds for her birthday dinner.
She has been so much joy and light since the moment she was born. She loves to please everyone around her and she has the biggest heart. She loves gymnastics, soccer, crafting, her friends, church/school and she is a girl who thrives with a routine. She can usually be found in her leotard all day, everyday. 
Chocolate milk is her drink of choice, teal is her favorite color, brushing her hair is optional (in her eyes) but her earrings must be changed out daily.
She is so independent, so feisty, so loveable and we are so in love with our sweet five year old.
Happy Birthday, Amelia!

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