Saturday, February 11, 2017

Life Lately

We had a day last week that was in the 70s. February?!  In the 70s. It was glorious. We spent about 2.5 hours at the park and it was perfect!
The sunset was pretty amazing too. I love getting little glimpses of God's beauty in the middle of the blah winter.
Jason was on call last week so the whole crew got to sleep in our room. Even Anabelle (Amelia's doll) got to sleep in our room.
Valentine's boxes were made. I bought some pre-cut designs and glued them on a box. So easy and so cute!!
Amelia is such an independent little girl. Her favorite meal right now is macaroni and cheese because she can make it from start to finish. My little one isn't so little anymore.
Jenga on a sunny day, even Cooper got in on the action.
On Friday, we were invited to a date night out. It was the perfect outing and we were able to laugh and be silly with each other. We won second place with 42 kisses in 60 seconds.
Our Friday night was spent working on our marriage--I'm so glad that we did something out of the box and that we really were able to learn and grow.

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