Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Park City, Utah

The time had come for us to go on our annual med-school friend trip. Last year was our first trip together and we had so much fun, we wanted to make it a yearly thing.
We were up bright and early (3am) and we were on one of the first flights of the day. We were pumped to be kid-free!!
We made it to our hotel around 10:30 am and we were on the mountain by lunchtime. We skied half a day on Saturday and full days on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.
The mountain was beautiful.
We had such a great time. It's always so nice to meet up with everyone. We can pick up right where we left off and I LOVE THAT. Such a fun and grounded crew that loves the mountains. We will have to see where next year takes us--we mentioned a backpack trip to Utah, the beach and the mountains!

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