Monday, February 6, 2017

Super Kids Race

Sunday, after church, the kids had the Super Kids Race at the college. The kids have never raced--this year was the first year that Amelia played any competitive sports--so we were excited to see them run!
The race was 200 meters, one lap around the indoor track.
Here are some pictures of the kids before the race. We have some of the sweetest friends and they were running that day too so we hung out before the races and then we cheered for each of them!
Barrett was the first one to race. He was so nervous and he didn't want to race so Jason stood with him at the start and ran along with him so he knew what to do.
He did so great! He ran his little heart out and by the time he reached the end, he was so tired.
Barrett ran his lap in 1 minute and 4 seconds and he got THIRD PLACE! He got a medal and got to stand on the podium. He was beaming. So proud!
Amelia was in the last heat (there were 20 runners in her age group) and she was so nervous. We kept trying to tell her to get to the inside and here is how she stood at the start. Shy and nervous.
As soon as the whistle blowed, she was no longer shy and she turned on her turbo boosts.
She was in the lead for most of the lap and then she got tired and slowed down a bit. She came in second place in her heat.
We were so proud. We were beaming with pride because she pushed herself so hard and didn't give up when she was tired.
Amelia ran her lap in 48 seconds and she came in FOURTH PLACE. Unfortunately, they only gave medals for the top three finishers so she missed out on the medal. She was a little bummed but we quickly reminder her that she gave it her all.
Amazed at the Conway kiddos and their dedication to being the best they can be, medal or not.

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