Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Disneyworld: Day Three

Today we went to explore a new park: Epcot!
We had a few minutes to spare before our fast pass: Test Track so we decided to do Spaceship Earth. The kids (and adults) thought it would be a little faster so it wasn't one that we were thrilled with when we finished.
How sweet does my girl look in her ears?!
We literally had to run to make our fast pass and I'm so glad that we did. It was one of our favorites!! The kids each designed a vehicle and then we had to go through a series of tests to see who had the better built car. At the end, we went outside and did a loop around the race track. We got up to about 65 MPH and it was a blast!
Amelia's car beat Barrett's truck in all the areas, except in capability.
Before we left Epcot for our mid-afternoon rest, we had a fast pass to meet some of the characters. We didn't really meet any characters in the parks--the kids could have cared less and the lines were too long--so we passed them up. We thought we would see them though, since we had a fast pass.
Barrett was a little unsure but when he got to Minnie, he was no longer afraid. He ran up and hugged sweet.
Dinner was at Epcot in Norway. We had dinner at the Akershus with the Princesses and Amelia was thrilled.

We finished dinner and took some pictures of the ball all lit up. We called it an early night because there weren't many rides that the kids wanted to do and we had an early breakfast planned for day four.
 We enjoyed Epcot--we didn't get to explore the countries as much as we wanted but we had fun!

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