Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Disneyworld: Day Two

We woke up bright and early on day two because we wanted to see the opening ceremony at Magic Kingdom. I'm so glad that we did because it was our first day, our excitement level was at an all time high and the kids were awe struck!
The first stop we made was the carousel. It's the first ride we came to when we walked through the castle and they wanted to get on it...how could we say no to these sweet faces?!
We had a few fast passes before lunch--Ariel and the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. The mine train was the second ride that we rode and it set the pace--fast and fearless.
We got an ice cream Mickey snack (Barrett got an Olaf bar) and then we headed back to the resort. We had a fun night planned and we needed to rest. We actually did this every day and it worked so well! Our crew needed to rest so we could stay out past dinner and ride!
Our dinner reservations were at "Be Our Guest" which is the Beast's castle at Magic Kingdom. My kids, especially Barrett, are obsessed with Beauty and the Beast so this dinner was the perfect location!
We got to sit in the 'rose' room and it was difficult for either of our kids to eat. Barrett kept watching a picture that would change from the prince to the beast every time it thundered and lightened. Amelia loved watching the rose and the dessert cart, which had the grey stuff.
Once we finished dinner, we got to meet the master of the castle, the Beast. Amelia wasn't scared but Barrett wasn't so sure. I'm so glad that we were able to get some cute shots of them meeting him--they love to look back on them!
Barrett was super concerned with why the Beast scratched the picture up (the one where he is a prince) so he asked him, from a distance of course. The Beast just showed him his claws and then covered his eyes. I'm not sure that was the answer he was looking for but it was enough for him to pose and get a picture.
After dinner, we watched the fireworks and then rode some rides. We had a fast pass for Buzz Lightyear and then we hit up some of the rides with the shortest wait times. Dumbo was fun and the kids loved being able to control him!

Day two was so much fun. I think we headed home around 11pm and the kids were exhausted from a fun-filled day!

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