Monday, April 24, 2017

Life Lately

Just a few snapshots into our crazy, hectic life.
Amelia had to go to the eye doctor for kindergarten. She looked so big during all of her exams!
Track practice--Amelia loves it and Barrett would rather run and jump around in the grass.
We did chalk pictures on our driveway one evening. We made the biggest rainbow, some turtles and then anything else that Amelia wanted to learn to draw.
While we drew, Barrett was chasing Cooper. These two are so funny--Cooper is determined to sit by the chicken coop (and catch mice) and Barrett is determined to get him inside for the evening.
One morning from school, I requested some pictures. Here is what I got....HAHA!
Barrett and Cooper snuggled up before bed one evening. Cooper isn't suppose to be on our furniture but when he's snuggling with Barrett, I look the other way!
Rainy days look a lot like this...
This past weekend we had some cousin time after church. The kids swam and we grilled out. I love that we are so close so we can have lunches together.
Sunny days look like this...
Track practice--notice Barrett could care less about running. Actually, his shoes AND socks are off in this picture. Amelia got to race against some older kids so she was working her tail off!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Easter 2017

Easter was so much fun this year. I loved being in our new house and seeing/hearing our kids get excited for all the goodies that the Easter bunny brought them.
Once they looked at their baskets, they ran outside to find their hidden Easter eggs.
We opened a lot of our candy--our breakfast pretty much consisted of Reese's eggs and milk. HA!
We went to church and then after church we went to the farm. Our sweet friends, turned family, invited us there for dinner.
We stayed there for most of the day. The kids love playing with all the other little ones and it was beautiful so we took full advantage.  No naps were taken and I'm pretty sure the sugar did a good enough job to keep them going throughout the day.
So thankful for these sweet moments, but even more thankful for a Savior that died for my sins and then rose again. Because he lives, I can face tomorrow!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Spring Break Fun

The kids were off of school last week for spring break so we spent some time doing some fun, family things.
The first thing on the list was the zoo. It was a little cooler than we thought it would be but the animals were out and they were so active.
We had to stop at Cabela's with some of our favorite friends. These four love each other and I love watching them grow up together.
We also planned an afternoon to dye eggs. We headed to the farm and they LOVED to add color to their eggs. We even had a few with crazy hair, a few that looked like dinosaur eggs and a lot with stickers.
We had our last soccer game for the Pink Ducks and we ended the season with a tie (possibly a win) and with the best weather. The first few games were brutally cold but it warmed up quick and made it more enjoyable.
Amelia got a medal and ice cream to celebrate the end of her season. We loved cheering on #6 this season!
On Friday, we headed to St. Louis to spend the day with our cousins. We had a shrimp boil planned that evening but we went up to their house a little early to play with them.
We had such a yummy meal and then we finished off the day with a glow-in-the-dark egg hunt for the kids and a flashlight hunt, complete with scratch off tickets, for the adults.
Our week was so much fun and we still had a few things on our calendar for the weekend!  We have really enjoyed being back in Missouri and spending the holidays with family and friends.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Races And Ribbons

The kids had their first race with track club and they both walked away with ribbons.
Amelia got 3rd place in the 50 meter and 4th place in the 100 meter. She had to take off her shirt when she was done with her race (the heat was too much...LOL)
Barrett ran with 5/6 year olds during his first race and got 7th place in the 50 meter and then he got 4th place in the 100 meter. He crossed the finish line talking the little boy beside him...silly boy.
Our big invitational is coming up at the end of April and I'm excited to cheer on our team, especially the Conway kiddos!

Monday, April 10, 2017

Kindergarten Registration

So this happened.....
Excuse me while I go cry in the corner. Our sweet girl will be starting kindergarten in August and she is so excited, like ready to start today!

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Soccer And Track

Amelia wanted to do spring soccer this year and both of the kids wanted to join track.
Soccer has been going on for a few weeks but the rain has prevented a lot of games but this past weekend, we were able to get a few games marked off the schedule. They don't keep score at this age but I'm pretty sure we won both games!
Amelia is starting to get really confident and I love watching her run on that field!
We have two more games and the pink ducks will be at the end of their season. I LOVE watching her!
Track is something that they both have shown interest in, especially since they had the indoor race a few months ago at the college.
They have a couple practices each week and then they will have an invitational with other track clubs in the area at the end of the month. Practice is from 5:30-7p and I love that it's light enough (and warm enough) outside to be at the track!
The pictures are hard to see the kiddos--there were a ton of them there!
Amelia is in orange and Barrett is in neon yellow!
They were so tired after a fun evening of track. I love watching the kids try new things and I love watching them succeed and grow in their athletic confidence.
How are my kiddos big enough to be in track club?!  One proud mama, for sure!

Disneyworld: Day Five

Our final day at Disney was spent at Animal Kingdom. Jack taught Amelia about a fun game, Subway Surfer, so we let them play on the way to the park. Can you say addicted?!
The little boys were perfectly content to eat a fruit plate! I love that we got some good cousin time during this week!
The tree of life is the first thing that you see when you get into Animal Kingdom. The park is smaller (or at least it feels smaller) and we walked in and instantly fell in love with this park!
The first ride that we went on was Dinosaur. It was a jeep ride through Dinosaur land--it was loud, it was bumpy and it was right up Barrett's alley.
You can tell that we were all pretty nervous around the loud dinosaurs...Barrett is in awe!
We headed from Dinosaur to the Rapids, which we LOVED. It was so hot and it got us pretty wet so it was a pleasant ride. Our next fast pass was for Everest. I went with Amelia, Barrett was too small, and then we did a rider swap and she went again with Jason. Her favorite ride, hands down!
She was able to get the front row...again. Hands up, smile on her face and she was in heaven!!
We skipped lunch because we wanted to jump on the safari. We heard some great stories and it was about to rain so the animals were all sorts of crazy.
We finished out Animal Kingdom with a quick lunch and we headed back to our hotel around 2pm for our daily rest time.
This was our last day so I spent this time packing up our bags. The Magical Express was scheduled to pick us up on Friday morning at 2am so I wanted to get everything done before the early morning!
For dinner, we headed back to Magic Kingdom to have dinner at the Crystal Palace with Winnie the Pooh characters.
Dinner wasn't great and the characters were a step down from the others but the kids loved getting to get their own food from the buffet and they enjoyed seeing the characters.
We had to take a few more pictures in front of the castle...I love seeing these sweet smiles. 
We finished out the night with one more roller coaster, the Barnstormer, and then we were in our hotel by 9pm. Barrett fell asleep on the walk back but Amelia was all about pictures! 
Our Disney trip was amazing. There were moments of frustration and exhaustion but overall the trip was so great. The kids loved the rides, the characters and they were such troopers!!   So thankful that we got to do something so fun, especially with our Ohio family!