Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Disneyworld: Day Four

Our day four started off a little slower, we actually slept in a bit, because we had breakfast at Chef Mickey's at the Contemporary Resort.
The kids were a little more into the characters...I love Barrett's smile!
Once we finished breakfast, we ventured to Hollywood Studios  and between all the Star Wars stuff, along with all the Beauty and the Beast stuff, my kids were in heaven.
Our first stop was the Tower of Terror. We didn't have a fast pass so we knew we wanted to go there first so we didn't have such a long wait. We told the kids about the drop and they still wanted to do it so we waited the 30 minutes!
The kids didn't enjoy it like they thought they would but they couldn't stop talking about the "hotel with the big drop" for the rest of the day.
Once we finished with the Tower of Terror, it was time for Beauty and the Beast live. My kids are really into Beauty and the Beast right now, so it was perfect. They loved dancing around to the music and seeing all the characters come to life.
We rode some fun rides: Toy Story Mania, Finding Nemo and we were able to watch a few small parades and shows from Star Wars so it was such a fun day.
We headed back to the hotel to swim a bit before dinner and I think our day four dinner was my favorite. We went to a place called Ohana.
It was a Hawaiian/Polynesian type of place. We ate family style with noodles, grilled meat skewers and a yummy pineapple bread for dessert. The kids got to play a fun game at dinner and then we left with adorable flower necklaces.
We headed back to Magic Kingdom after dinner because we wanted to see the fireworks, again, and try to do some things that we missed the other nights. Amelia was dying to get on Splash Mountain so we said we would try again (the line for this ride is ridiculous!!)
We watched the fireworks and then we took off for the rides. This was our late night so we knew we wanted to hit up some of the bigger rides, especially since the wait times were a little less.
Amelia and Jason headed to Splash Mountain--it was 10:40pm and me and Barrett didn't want to get wet! Barrett and myself headed to Big Mountain Railroad--Barrett wanted to go on the Seven Dwarfs mine train again but the wait was still wayyyyy too long!

We pretty much closed the park down--we headed back to our boat around midnight and we were wiped out. So much fun, so many smiles and so many memories!!

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