Monday, April 24, 2017

Life Lately

Just a few snapshots into our crazy, hectic life.
Amelia had to go to the eye doctor for kindergarten. She looked so big during all of her exams!
Track practice--Amelia loves it and Barrett would rather run and jump around in the grass.
We did chalk pictures on our driveway one evening. We made the biggest rainbow, some turtles and then anything else that Amelia wanted to learn to draw.
While we drew, Barrett was chasing Cooper. These two are so funny--Cooper is determined to sit by the chicken coop (and catch mice) and Barrett is determined to get him inside for the evening.
One morning from school, I requested some pictures. Here is what I got....HAHA!
Barrett and Cooper snuggled up before bed one evening. Cooper isn't suppose to be on our furniture but when he's snuggling with Barrett, I look the other way!
Rainy days look a lot like this...
This past weekend we had some cousin time after church. The kids swam and we grilled out. I love that we are so close so we can have lunches together.
Sunny days look like this...
Track practice--notice Barrett could care less about running. Actually, his shoes AND socks are off in this picture. Amelia got to race against some older kids so she was working her tail off!

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