Thursday, April 6, 2017

Soccer And Track

Amelia wanted to do spring soccer this year and both of the kids wanted to join track.
Soccer has been going on for a few weeks but the rain has prevented a lot of games but this past weekend, we were able to get a few games marked off the schedule. They don't keep score at this age but I'm pretty sure we won both games!
Amelia is starting to get really confident and I love watching her run on that field!
We have two more games and the pink ducks will be at the end of their season. I LOVE watching her!
Track is something that they both have shown interest in, especially since they had the indoor race a few months ago at the college.
They have a couple practices each week and then they will have an invitational with other track clubs in the area at the end of the month. Practice is from 5:30-7p and I love that it's light enough (and warm enough) outside to be at the track!
The pictures are hard to see the kiddos--there were a ton of them there!
Amelia is in orange and Barrett is in neon yellow!
They were so tired after a fun evening of track. I love watching the kids try new things and I love watching them succeed and grow in their athletic confidence.
How are my kiddos big enough to be in track club?!  One proud mama, for sure!

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