Monday, April 17, 2017

Spring Break Fun

The kids were off of school last week for spring break so we spent some time doing some fun, family things.
The first thing on the list was the zoo. It was a little cooler than we thought it would be but the animals were out and they were so active.
We had to stop at Cabela's with some of our favorite friends. These four love each other and I love watching them grow up together.
We also planned an afternoon to dye eggs. We headed to the farm and they LOVED to add color to their eggs. We even had a few with crazy hair, a few that looked like dinosaur eggs and a lot with stickers.
We had our last soccer game for the Pink Ducks and we ended the season with a tie (possibly a win) and with the best weather. The first few games were brutally cold but it warmed up quick and made it more enjoyable.
Amelia got a medal and ice cream to celebrate the end of her season. We loved cheering on #6 this season!
On Friday, we headed to St. Louis to spend the day with our cousins. We had a shrimp boil planned that evening but we went up to their house a little early to play with them.
We had such a yummy meal and then we finished off the day with a glow-in-the-dark egg hunt for the kids and a flashlight hunt, complete with scratch off tickets, for the adults.
Our week was so much fun and we still had a few things on our calendar for the weekend!  We have really enjoyed being back in Missouri and spending the holidays with family and friends.

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