Monday, May 22, 2017

Anastasia's Graduation

When I moved in with my sister and her family in 2002, I never thought that Ana would grow up and graduate from high school.
She was four years old when I moved in with her and she instantly became my little sidekick. I watched her all the time, went on vacations with them to help watch her and loved her like she was my own. She was in our wedding when she was 10 (she even picked out the color of her dress, which in turn, had to be the color of all the dresses and the decorations) and I flew back for her birthday each year when we were living in St. Maarten and California. Once we had the kids, I couldn't fly in each year but up until 5 years ago, I didn't miss a birthday.
Moving back was so great because we could be involved in Ana's (and Brock) lives again.
I'm so glad that we've been here during her last year, so glad that we got to watch her run her last year of cross country and win the STATE CHAMPIONSHIP for the first time for our school district.

Friday, May 19th, my little sidekick graduated. She won multiple scholarships and she won the title of VALEDICTORIAN. She will be attending Mizzou this fall and I know she will soar!
Some tears were shed and I'm sure when she moves in August, there will be more but dang, I'm so proud of her!!
On Saturday, we went to her graduation party. The Compton crew can throw some major parties so when we pulled up and saw this...
we knew it was going to be a great day.
The kids swam, ate, climbed and rode the slide more times that I could keep track of--they were in heaven.
We were there until 8:30pm and decided to call it a day. Ana's celebration was perfect for her and I'm so thankful we were around to help her celebrate.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Grant's Farm

I haven't visited Grant's Farm since I was a little girl so when the weather turned nice, I took the kiddos to the farm.
It has changed so much and we had such an amazing day!
Our first stop was the baby goat feeding. The kids were so excited but once we walked in to the hungry goats, they were a little panicked.
I eventually held their second bottle and things went a lot better.
We usually let the kids get their face painted but this day, the kids got airbrushed tattoos. Barrett got a red t-rex dinosaur and Amelia got a colorful peacock.
Here are a few more pictures of our day. We had so much fun!
We had to go and feed the goats one more time before we left...definitely a favorite for my little ones!
We told Jason that we'll have to go again when he's off work and the weather is nice.
Grant's Farm is such a clean, shaded and FREE event that we'll definitely be visiting again!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Just Another Tuesday

Since the kiddos are out of school AND I'm still working, I've had to get creative on managing our time together.
Here is what our Tuesday looked like: 
They both woke up around 5:30am so I didn't get to log on early today. I typically will wake up before them to do my emails before they wake up. Today...that didn't happen.
They played outside most of the morning so I was able to sit in the garage and watch them and do my work. Multi-tasking at it's best!
My database through work was hacked so it was down most of the morning so I just had my emails to juggle.
Around 9:00am, we headed to the pool. I took the kids over to my sister's pool (thank goodness they live right across town) and let them swim for a few hours. The kids are getting so good at swimming, gaining their confidence and pushing themselves to see how far they can go. Barrett is working on swimming without his Puddle Jumper.
I made them some lunch and then we headed home. Both of them were exhausted so I knew I would get a few hours of uninterrupted work completed because they were going to nap.
They rested for a few hours (no naps!)
Amelia requested a picnic and the park for dinner. This week is a super special week (I'll share more later) so we ended up taking dinner to the park. It was such a beautiful afternoon!
Selfie game needs a little work...
We ended at the park ready for a bath and ready for bed. Love these kiddos and all the energy that they bring to my life.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Oo School is out and we have started our summer break!! While Barrett napped one afternoon, Amelia invented a trailer to pull around her babies.
Sweet summertime a tree.
We've been swimming a few times and the kids have already turned into little fish. I took this picture of Amelia because I thought she looked like 'Joe Dirt' HA!
Barrett loves his baby chicks so every morning when we take them food and water, he takes a picture. This little man is growing so fast!
We play car wash all the time. The kids love to wash their cars (just like their daddy)
We've had strep, which we caught early (thank goodness). It made for a rough few days.
Our first week of summer has already been filled with so much--can't see what the next few months have in store for our crew.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Preschool Graduation

Amelia started preschool in August at the best preschool (in my opinion) for the kids. It's small, they learn about the Bible and they really focus on curriculum so they are prepared for kindergarten.
When she started, I didn't really think about her finishing but she didn't just finish, she excelled. She has grown so much this year, she has made some of the sweetest friends and she has learned so much!
I stole this cute picture of her class before the graduation program. Love these sweet faces!
The kids walked in to ' Pomp and Circumstance' and then they took the stage. They sang a few songs, quoted a few Bible verses and then it was time to get her diploma. The program was so sweet and I'm pretty sure and Jason and myself shed a few tears.
She finished the graduation ceremony by throwing her hat in the air. This was her favorite part of the evening. So proud of my sweet girl!
Once the ceremony was over, she had a little party. Cake, photo booth and a great visit with her friends. She posed for a few pictures...she is going to miss school and all the sweet people at her school!

She's ready for Kindergarten....after a fun-filled summer break!!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Last Day of Preschool

Today was the last day of school. Barrett is finishing up the 2 year old class and will go to the 3 year old class in August.
He started his new school in January and he has cried most mornings when I drop him off but he has loved it! He's learned so much and hasn't cried at drop offs these last week weeks.
Today was also Amelia's last day of Pre-K. She has loved every second of school--she's made some of the sweetest friends and her confidence with different school projects and assignments has grown.
She has graduation tonight and then we are going to make the most of the summer before kindergarten in August.
Yay Conway kids!!  Today is the last day of school and we have a fun summer planned!!

Baby Chicks

Around Easter, we let one of the mama hens sit on two eggs. We drew on each of them so when we went down to get the eggs, we would know which two to leave in the coop.
She sat on the eggs for 21 days and when I went down one evening to push her off her nest (she would sit on all the other eggs too), I saw two little babies. They stayed in the box for a few days
and then they decided to go and explore. They jumped down and now I have to keep the coop closed so nothing can get in and hurt them.
The kids have named them Rosie and Landon and we love checking in on them each day.

We love having two sweet babies but we are all pretty nervous that we won't be able to keep them safe.