Monday, May 22, 2017

Anastasia's Graduation

When I moved in with my sister and her family in 2002, I never thought that Ana would grow up and graduate from high school.
She was four years old when I moved in with her and she instantly became my little sidekick. I watched her all the time, went on vacations with them to help watch her and loved her like she was my own. She was in our wedding when she was 10 (she even picked out the color of her dress, which in turn, had to be the color of all the dresses and the decorations) and I flew back for her birthday each year when we were living in St. Maarten and California. Once we had the kids, I couldn't fly in each year but up until 5 years ago, I didn't miss a birthday.
Moving back was so great because we could be involved in Ana's (and Brock) lives again.
I'm so glad that we've been here during her last year, so glad that we got to watch her run her last year of cross country and win the STATE CHAMPIONSHIP for the first time for our school district.

Friday, May 19th, my little sidekick graduated. She won multiple scholarships and she won the title of VALEDICTORIAN. She will be attending Mizzou this fall and I know she will soar!
Some tears were shed and I'm sure when she moves in August, there will be more but dang, I'm so proud of her!!
On Saturday, we went to her graduation party. The Compton crew can throw some major parties so when we pulled up and saw this...
we knew it was going to be a great day.
The kids swam, ate, climbed and rode the slide more times that I could keep track of--they were in heaven.
We were there until 8:30pm and decided to call it a day. Ana's celebration was perfect for her and I'm so thankful we were around to help her celebrate.

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