Friday, May 26, 2017

Day In The Life

I haven't done a day in the life for awhile...a long while, so today is the day.
Here is a look at our Thursday, May 25th
Each day is different depending on Jason's schedule, the kid's events/schedule and how crazy my work schedule is but it will give you an idea.
4:30am: Barrett comes in to our room. Usually he sleeps better/longer if he's in our room, so I've been letting him stay (as long as it's not before 4am)
5:45am: Jason's alarm goes off--he hits snooze and wakes up at 6:00am
6:00am: I hear Jason feeding and giving medicine to the dogs. I roll over, even though I'm awake, because I know this gives me a little more time to rest. Bazzle comes back to bed when he's done eating.
6:30am: I finally get out of bed, turn on my computer, kiss Jason goodbye and get started on my emails.
7:00am: I start a load of laundry and then head down to feed the chickens and open up the coop. Our babies are starting to get bigger!!
As soon as I came back inside, Cooper was needing some attention. He jumped on the back of the couch as I was turning on the Today Show, so I had to show him so love.
7:35am: Amelia wakes up and wants her zip sack put on her bed so we change out her bedding. Her other bedding was folded and put in the closet.
7:45am: Mom came over before work--I get the kid's baby books out so I can add information and add pictures. I change over the laundry--move it from the washer to the dryer.
8:05am: Barrett woke up and started looking at pictures with Nannie.While they were looking at their books, I was doing emails on the other side of the kitchen. Both kids woke up in great moods today!
I made the kids breakfast--a bagel with cream cheese for Amelia and an egg/ham on a slice of toast for Barrett. 
8:30am: My mom left and I got the kids dressed for the day and changed out the laundry. I folded the laundry and stacked it on top of the dryer. I'll put it away when the kids take a nap. The kids played and I did some more emails.
9:00am: I went and changed out of my pajamas and we did some schoolwork.  We did numbers--Barrett counted the different and Amelia spelled out each of the words. We try to do something small each day.
9:35am: We stopped doing our flashcards and then my work phone rang. The kids ran to their rooms with the iPads (they know that they have to be quiet when I'm doing work)
10:00am: My work call ended, I opened up some windows and Barrett requested a mid-morning snack (yogurt and veggie straws)
10:13am: Amelia asked me to come and visit her beauty salon. She gave me some pretty purple lipstick and some glitter blush.
10:45am: Texted with Jason for a little bit and then put dinner in the crockpot. We have gymnastics tonight so it can be a hectic dinnertime, if I'm not prepared. We are having Mexican chicken--either in taco shells or on lettuce.
11:15am: Amelia found a spot in the window where she colored a picture and watched YouTube kids. This girl sure does love to color. Barrett was in his room--dumping out every toy in his toybox.
12:00pm: Aunt Ange and Brock came over. We had a picnic (thanks for the McDonald's!) and made bouncy balls. The kids love having them so close.
1:15pm: Ange and Brock left and we (the kids) laid down to rest. Barrett went to our bed and Amelia went to the couch. I was able to sit down and do a little bit of work--my emails built up a bit over my lunch break.
2:25pm: I need to stretch my legs a bit so I went to get the mail. I order LipSense and it arrived today.  I ordered Apple Cider--subtle with a hint of color but I'm wishing I would have went with something a little more colorful so I will look put together, even if I just rolled out of bed. HA!
2:40pm: Switched out the laundry and took my computer to my bedroom. Barrett still wasn't asleep so I thought that if I lay by him, it might help him sleep. I was wrong. No naps for this crew today
3:00pm: Everyone got up--Amelia changed into her leotard and Barrett played with his bouncy balls. 
3:15pm: I started a list for our family reunion, which is coming up in a few weekends. I know I'm going to forget something but I'm going to do my best to remember as much as possible. 
3:45pm: I mixed in the last two things for the Mexican chicken and turned the crockpot to low. It should be done anytime we are ready to eat. 
4:00pm: I log off my work email and start to get gymnastics stuff together. I entice the kids to eat and no one is interested
4:30pm: Jason gets home and eats a few leftover pieces of homemade pizza. Still no one wants to eat so we get dressed for gymnastics. 
4:45pm: Left for gymnastics--Jason took his truck and I took the car because he was going to leave earlier to meet up with his family.
5:00pm: Amelia and Barrett started their class
5:45pm: Barrett finished his class and Jason took him home. Meme and Ted came over for dinner so he wanted to get home a little bit before Amelia's class ended so they could eat and not be over too late. I talked to Jordan via Voxer for the remainder of Amelia's class. I love this app!!

6:15pm: Amelia finished her class and we headed home. Ted and Meme brought us a little fridge so we put it in the garage and filled it with drinks for the kids. We go through a lot of soda, water and juice boxes so I think it will great to have some more fridge space...I just hope it isn't too bad on the electric bill.
7:30pm: Meme and Ted left and we came in to get ready for bed. We were hungry so we made us a taco and then we put on our pajamas. The kids both ate--they were super hungry--and they probably needed a bath but we skipped it tonight. They were so tired....remember how the didn't nap earlier today?!
8:00pm: We started bedtime. We brushed teeth, turned fans on and went to bed.
8:15pm: Barrett was asleep so I headed to my room. Amelia was singing her Bible Songs with Jason
9:00pm: Jason came to bed and we were both asleep after two seconds of talking about our day.

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