Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Last Week

When Jason took the position in Missouri, he was contracted as a general anesthesiologist. He was fellowship trained in cardio thoracic so any chance he gets to do a heart case, he's on it.
Well--a few months ago he was contacted by a hospital in St. Louis to do some heart cases throughout the year. The wanted someone that was on a case-by-case/day-by-day basis and that's exactly what Jason was looking for. They talked back and forth (so many details to go over) and finally agreed on a contract.

Last week was Jason's vacation week and they needed some help in St. Louis so instead of staying home and kicking his feet up ('s more like do projects around the house), he went up to work for a few days. He worked Monday through Friday, had great hours and got to stay in a Drury suite, which means yummy food for breakfast and dinner and drinks (which is a bonus because he didn't have to spend his money on food)

We went up in the middle of the week, hence our trip to Grant's Farm (and the zoo), to see him and to make sure he wasn't having too much fun without us.
He had such a great and energizing week. He worked 7a-3p, which is the perfect schedule, and he got to do all hearts, which are the perfect cases.
I thought he would want to move there permanently but I think that week really solidified him with working where he is--he loves the guys he works with and he enjoys doing more than just hearts. He likes variety and I'm glad that he got to experience that.

The group in St. Louis really liked him (and he really liked them) and they have asked him to come back during his next stretch of time. He doesn't want to work through all of his free time but he does want to keep up his skill set that he learned at Cleveland and this is a perfect way to do that.

Proud of my man for always wanting to be a better doctor and wanting to keep his focus on learning and growing for his patients. Hopefully this will help pay off those student loans a little faster too!

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