Sunday, May 7, 2017

Weekend Recap

Jason was on call all weekend and I felt like I was operating in survival mode. I was exhausted and short-tempered most of the weekend, which I feel horrible about.
We headed to eat Mexican for Ana's 19th birthday. It doesn't seem possible that she can already be 19 and about to graduate!
Amelia wanted to sew Ana a phone case so she picked out the perfect patterned material and got busy.
We also went to visit Discovery Playhouse. We have a membership there and it is a great source of entertainment for the kids. Saturday morning was so quiet so the kids got to have most of the exhibits to themselves.
Barrett also had to get a haircut, we took Jason lunch, we went grocery shopping and then we went to eat pizza for dinner. It was a busy Saturday but I'm glad that we got a lot of things marked off our list.
We came home after dinner and went to get eggs and close up the chickens when we saw the sweetest baby chicks.
We've been letting one of our mama chickens sit on two eggs since Easter and today they hatched!
The kids are so excited to have little babies in our coop.
We have to go and get them chick mash but for now, they are eating oatmeal and hard boiled eggs. They are so sweet--I hope we can keep them alive!

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