Monday, May 8, 2017

Youth Track Invitational

Amelia had her track meet yesterday--all of her track practices paid off.
She competed in the long jump, the 50 meter run and the 100 meter run.
First up was the long jump. She did a few practice jumps and then she got three official jumps against the other girls.
Her best jump was 4 feet, 10 inches and she won 4th place! We were shocked and so happy!!
Next up on the schedule was the 50 meter run. This was the best race to watch! Her and another little girl were neck and neck and they crossed the line within a few steps of each other. She placed 2nd in her heat and 4th overall for the race. She ran the 50 meter race in 11.90 seconds.
She wanted to take a picture on the podium, even though she didn't get first. She was laughing so hard...such a silly (and adorable) little lady!
We had about 45 minutes to wait around until her last race. The 100 meter is her least favorite race but she was excited to compete. She gave it her all and finished 7th place. She ran the race is 29 seconds.

She did such an amazing job--I loved being around the track with her friends, on a beautiful spring day. Proud of Amelia and her passion to be active and to have fun!!

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