Thursday, June 1, 2017

Cousins Came To Visit

Our cousins that live about two hours away came to spend a few days with us. They arrived on Monday and my kids were so excited to have some visitors. Chloe and Sam are twins and they are 11 years old so they are the perfect age to hang out (and supervise) my crazy kiddos. They are the best behaved and they really enjoy playing with Amelia and Barrett.
We spent Monday at the pool--we were off work for Memorial Day (Jason too) so we really got to enjoy the holiday! Their parents drove them down and then everyone stayed around and swam for the majority of the day.
We came home from the pool and the kids played outside--chalk bombs and bikes/cars were a hit! 

Tuesday we headed to the park for a pizza picnic. Everyone was a little red from the previous day of swimming so no one really wanted to get back in the pool. We found a shaded park and decided to spend our morning there!
I had a work meeting during nap time (SCORE!) so we came home for a bit and then when everyone was awake, we headed to an indoor play place. They had inflatables, mini golf and a zipline. The kids loved it!
We stayed there for a couple of hours. I think we would have stayed longer but we drank all of our water bottles and they were pretty thirsty! HA!
On Wednesday, we planned to go to the pool again. We hung out at the house for a bit while we did a few chores around the house.
One of the chores was to turn on our sprinkler system. The kids loved running through the sprinklers!
Katie, their mom, brought pizza around lunch time so we ate and then headed to the pool. We swam all day and then said our goodbyes around 5pm. We loved having the kids here for a few days this week--such a fun time for our house!

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