Sunday, June 4, 2017

Dinosaur Train

On Saturday, we boarded the dinosaur train.
We have a 100-year old train in our town and each weekend, they have themed rides. Barrett is really into dinosaurs right now, so he was all smiles.
The train had a table set up with different types of dinosaurs--this was where Barrett spent most of the ride.
We rode up to a nearby town, turned around and then we dug for dinosaurs. The kids really liked the ride. We played BINGO (and won) and then we enjoyed a few snacks from the concession train.
The pit where they dug for dinosaurs was a big sand box so it made for easy digging!
While we were digging for dinosaurs, they also had some old themed buildings. One hundred years ago, Jesse James robbed the Iron Mountain Railroad so it was set up like it would have been during Jesse James time.
On our way back to the station, Amelia volunteered to help them sing. She was so cute--and so brave!
We had a great time on the train--it was a little warm (they didn't have air conditioning) but we learned about dinosaurs, got our faces painted and enjoyed our time as a family!

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