Wednesday, June 28, 2017

iPhone Dump

Sometimes I have too many pictures that I want to be on the blog (and eventually in printed books) but they don't flow together so I title the post "iPhone dump" and put them all in one place.
I'm apologizing now that they don't flow together but they are too cute to not share.
*Jason was on call so we went and had dinner with him. The kids were in 'wrestle' mode--we miss him terribly when he's gone all weekend!
*Amelia drew this picture of her doing the monkey bars. She's just recently started to draw things other than people and hearts.
*Barrett made me a bracelet made out of zoobs. I sure do love being his mom! Also--how cute is my photobomber?!
*I let Barrett ride through the parking lot of church in the front seat--I had to go and pick up stuff for VBS and he was so proud and excited to be in the front seat. Don't worry...I wasn't going more than 5mph and we were parked when I took this picture.
*Brock came over one morning before piano lessons and the Bazzle loved snuggling with him!
*We got a new chicken, named Ducky"(before the raccoon decided to kill all of our adult chickens) so we had to keep him in a cage in our garage to make sure that the coop was safe before we put him in it. We added some new locks on the egg part, cleaned it up and added him to his new home. We'll be adding a few more friends over the next few days.
*Oscar loves to hide--here are a few of his favorite places.
*We went and watched Lance play his last baseball game and then afterwards we grabbed dinner. Here are the crazy Conway cousins...
*Mornings out on the porch are so relaxing--I love this view.

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